Hyde Park High School - Class of 1982

. Did you attend Hyde Park High School in Johannesburg, South Africa and did you graduate in 1982?

My name is Lutz Kretzschmar and I attended Hyde Park High School in Johannesburg, South Africa and matriculated in 1982. Since in 2002 it will be 20 years after graduating, I thought it might be interesting for people to hook up again. And since we are scattered all over the globe, what better way than to use the World Wide Web. So, in an effort to find as many people as possible that matriculated from Hyde Park High School in 1982, I made this website and am hoping to connect a few of the people I went to school with.

Bouncing emails

The email addresses of the following people are bouncing (i.e. mail is returned). If you have changed emails, please let me know!

Greg Rodda, I've sent you replies to all of your emails (4 or so), but you don't seem to be getting them..... check your spam settings?
Alan da Costa (email no longer valid)
Greig McGillivray (email no longer valid)
Chris Heslop (mailbox full)
Jenny Flint
Paul Gross

Current Photo Gallery

As mentioned in one of the last newsletters, I have put together a gallery of current photos of our classmates. Only those that have contributed a photo will be given access to the gallery. It's only fair that we see what you look like if you can see what we look like :-)
Send me a digital image (or a photo that I can scan, ask for my postal address) and I'll add it and send you the password.

The gallery of current photos is here and currently contains 26 photos.

Latest News:

20.01.2007: Greg Rodda has been located
11.01.2007: Jackie Brady may have been located
22.04.2005: Added current photos of Renee Callaghan, Nicole Whyte and Anton Boonzaier
20.04.2005: Renee Callaghan has been located
20.04.2005: Belinda Robert has been located

... and here, then, are the 1982 Matrics...

Please have some patience while the page loads......

AlanDaCosta.jpg 6.4K
Alan da Costa
Located in:Johannesburg, South Africa


AmandaHale.jpg 7.4K
Amanda Hale

AndreaRadomsky.jpg 8.5K
Andrea Radomsky
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Information Manager, The British Council


AndrewMillard.jpg 7.2K
Andrew Millard
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.


AndrewOwens.jpg 7.7K
Andrew Owens
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Contracts Manager at a major construction company


AntonBoonzaier.jpg 8.1K
Anton Boonzaier
Current photo
Located in:Cape Town, S.A.
Job/Career:Works for Wildlife Society of S.A.


AntonKoen.jpg 7.7K
Anton Koen
Located in:Johannesburg, R.S.A.


ArchimedesPanagiotides.jpg 8.8K
Archimedes Panagiotides

BarryVanWyk.jpg 7.4K
Barry van Wyk
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Property Developer and Investor


BelindaRobert.jpg 7.3K
Belinda Robert
Located in:Cape Town, S.A.
Job/Career:Selfemployed in the arts, Mom and serious surfer :-)


BethanJones.jpg 9.9K
Bethan Jones
Located in:Orapa, Northern Botswana
Job/Career:Midwife/ Professional Nurse


CarolAnneVanDerMerwe.jpg 9.2K
Carol-Anne van der Merwe

CaroleRussell.jpg 8.1K
Carole Russell
Located in:Sydney, Australia
Job/Career:Full-time Mom, part-time pre-school teacher


CarolineBuffey.jpg 7.7K
Caroline Buffey
Located in:Rivonia, South Africa
Job/Career:Client Service Director, Advertising agency


CathyOelofse.jpg 8.6K
Cathy Oelofse
Current photo
Located in:Durban, South Africa
Job/Career:Lecturer in School of Environmental Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal


CharonSwart.jpg 7.9K
Charon Swart
Located in:Farmall, S.A. (near Johannesburg)
Job/Career:Import/Export Business


ChrisHeslop.jpg 8.8K
Chris Heslop
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Training Manager, Toyota South Africa


ChristaAndreae.jpg 9.0K
Christa Andreae
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Married to Grant Tappe :-)


CindySlingsby.jpg 7.2K
Cindy Slingsby
Located in:London, England
Job/Career:Dealer of antique furniture


ColinSulin.jpg 7.4K
Colin Sulin
Current photo
Located in:Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Job/Career:Senior IT Consultant


CraigHoffman.jpg 7.4K
Craig Hoffman
Unfortunately, Craig died in a motorcycle accident in 1998.


CraigMacGillivray.jpg 2.7K
Craig MacGillivray
Located in:Tenerife, Canary Islands
Job/Career:Restaurant and Bar Manager


DanielCohen.jpg 8.4K
Daniel Cohen

DanielleVenter.jpg 7.5K
Danielle Venter

DarrylHenderson.jpg 2.7K
Darryl Henderson
Current photo
Darryl was in our year until Std. 8
Located in:Longwood, FL, U.S.A.
Job/Career:Architect, Project Manager


DawnHodson.jpg 8.8K
Dawn Hodson

DeanFord.jpg 2.7K
Dean Ford
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Marketing Manager, Aprilia Motorcycles


DebbieHolding.jpg 10.5K
Debbie Holding

DebbieLangman.jpg 7.1K
Debbie Langman
Located in:Cape Town, S.A.
Job/Career:Sales Manager


DennisLeishman.jpg 8.1K
Dennis Leishman
Located in:Perth, Australia
Job/Career:Civil Engineer, but mostly Dad


DerrickMcKenzie.jpg 7.2K
Derrick McKenzie

DianeBennington.jpg 7.8K
Diane Bennington
Current photo
Located in:Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Job/Career:Full-blown mom (5 kids)


EmmaCourtney.jpg 6.6K
Emma Courtney

FionaHannant.jpg 9.3K
Fiona Hannant
Located in:Sevenoaks in Kent,England
Job/Career:Teacher, now Full-time Mom


FrancesVanBlerck.jpg 8.7K
Frances van Blerck
Current photo
Located in:Randburg, R.S.A.
Job/Career:Self-employed, Mom


FrancisJones.jpg 8.8K
Francis Jones

GarthGreubel.jpg 7.7K
Garth Greubel
Located in:Johannesburg, R.S.A.
Job/Career:Lawyer, Nedbank


GaryButler.jpg 7.6K
Gary Butler

GeneKotton.jpg 7.3K
Gene Kotton

GillianSummerton.jpg 8.4K
Gillian Summerton
Located in:Johannesburg, R.S.A.


GlendaBurgess.jpg 7.2K
Glenda Burgess
Located in:Barnet, Hertfordshire, England
Job/Career:Various, mostly a mystery even to herself :-)


GrantTappe.jpg 8.7K
Grant Tappe
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Software Developer, Catermate


GregoryKeil.jpg 6.9K
Gregory Keil
Located in:Milton Keynes, England
Job/Career:Project Manager, Lloyds


GregRodda.jpg 7.0K
Greg Rodda
Located in:Somewhere in S.A.
Job/Career:Unknown at this time


GreigMacGillivray.jpg 7.5K
Greig MacGillivray
Located in:S.A.


GuyJenkin.jpg 7.8K
Guy Jenkin

HaraldHarvey.jpg 2.7K
Harald Harvey
Current photo
Located in:Houghton, Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Strategy Consultant, Monitor Group


HeatherBarrie.jpg 6.7K
Heather Barrie

HelenRingwood.jpg 7.0K
Helen Ringwood
Located in:Cape Town, S.A.
Job/Career:University of Cape Town


HelenSpecht.jpg 7.1K
Helen Specht

HelenThompson.jpg 7.9K
Helen Thompson
Located in:Vancouver, Canada
Job/Career:Adult Education - Training and Development


HowardBenatar.jpg 8.8K
Howard Benatar

HughCrankshaw.jpg 7.3K
Hugh Crankshaw
Located in:Port Elizabeth, R.S.A.
Job/Career:Provincial Head, Standard Bank


IanRostowsky.jpg 7.4K
Ian Rostowsky
Current photo
Located in:Givat Shmuel, Israel


IanThomson.jpg 7.3K
Ian Thomson
Located in:Kyalami, South Africa
Job/Career:Builds and sells companies :-)


JackieBrady.jpg 8.5K
Jackie Brady

JackieLilley.jpg 8.2K
Jackie Lilley
Located in:Johannesburg, R.S.A.
Job/Career:Systems Analyst, Discovery Life


JackieTonathy.jpg 10.1K
Jackie Tonathy
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Teacher, now a full-time Mom


JacquiAbrahams.jpg 6.8K
Jacqui Abrahams
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Business Services Manager, Accenture


JamesKaris.jpg 7.1K
James Karis
Current photo
Located in:Melbourne, Australia
Job/Career:Studying full-time MBA


JaniceRillema.jpg 7.5K
Janice Rillema
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Marketing, Standard Bank


JannieKleynhans.jpg 7.2K
Jannie Kleynhans
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:CEO Credit Card Division, First National Bank


JennyFlint.jpg 8.1K
Jenny Flint
Located in:Melville, Johannesburg, S.A.


JennyGray.jpg 7.4K
Jennifer Gray
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:CEO Johannesburg Zoo


JennyHewlett.jpg 9.2K
Jenny Hewlett

JoanneBrouwer.jpg 8.6K
Joanne Brouwer
Located in:Margate, S.A.
Job/Career:Veterinary Nurse


JohnButler.jpg 7.2K
John Butler
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, South Africa
Job/Career:Consulting Engineer


JohnEmery.jpg 7.0K
John Emery

JohnHolm.jpg 7.1K
John Holm

JonathanChait.jpg 8.8K
Jonathan Chait

KarenStimson.jpg 7.0K
Karen Stimson
Current photo
Located in:Randburg, Johannesburg, S.A.


KevinAndrew.jpg 6.6K
Kevin Andrew
Located in:Randburg, Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Self-employed, Cable & Satellite


KevinManas.jpg 7.9K
Kevin Manas
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Music Producer


LarryFells.jpg 7.0K
Larry Fells
Current photo
Located in:Sacramento, CA, USA
Job/Career:Regional Sales Director, Hollister Inc. (Medical Supplies)


LaurenScheffer.jpg 9.0K
Lauren Scheffer

LawrenceParker.jpg 9.5K
Lawrence Parker
Unfortunately, Lawrence died in a motorcycle accident


LeanneWright.jpg 7.4K
Leanne Wright
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Attorney, now full-time Mom


LisaAbrahamson.jpg 7.1K
Lisa Abrahamson
Located in:New York, USA
Job/Career:Director Marketing, Mattel


LouisePeterson.jpg 7.7K
Louise Peterson

LutzKretzschmar.jpg 7.8K
Lutz Kretzschmar
Current photo
Located in:Seattle, WA, USA
Job/Career:Software Design Engineer, Microsoft


MandyCassel.jpg 6.8K
Mandy Cassel

MandyDumas.jpg 7.7K
Mandy Dumas
Located in:Los Angeles, USA
Job/Career:Self-employed consultant


MarcSalver.jpg 8.6K
Marc Salver
Located in:Calgary, Canada
Job/Career:Supervisor Planning Services, Municipal District Rocky View


MarkRadomsky.jpg 7.5K
Mark Radomsky
Located in:Johannesburg, South Africa
Job/Career:Director and general counsel
Nando's Group


MarkSteinberg.jpg 7.7K
Mark Steinberg
Located in:Tokyo, Japan
Job/Career: Financial Controller, Vodafone


MartineMentis.jpg 8.8K
Martine Mentis

MaxMariotti.jpg 7.0K
Max Mariotti
Current photo
Located in:Kyalami, S.A.
Job/Career:Managing Director, Aviation GSA


MichaelBrown.jpg 6.9K
Michael Brown
Located in:Sandton, S.A.
Job/Career:Self-employed, building and construction industry


MichelBergesen.jpg 9.1K
Michel Bergesen
Current photo
Located in:Old Greenwich, CT, USA
Job/Career:Financial Consultant, Stern Stewart & Co.


MichelleKotkin.jpg 7.9K
Michelle Kotkin

MichelleLilley.jpg 6.7K
Michelle Lilley
Located in:Johannesburg, R.S.A.
Job/Career:Consultant, Discovery Life


MoragHeller.jpg 8.8K
Morag Heller
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Deputy Principal, Crawford College, Sandton


MyrnTaylor.jpg 8.9K
Myrn Taylor

NatalieLevin.jpg 7.6K
Natalie Levin
Current photo
Located in:San Diego, CA, USA
Job/Career:Training and Sales Support Manager at The Four Seasons, Owner of The Drum Cafe California


NeillAbrams.jpg 7.5K
Neill Abrams
Current photo
Located in:London, Great Britain
Director of Internet company


NeilZeligson.jpg 7.5K
Neil Zeligson

NickieVienings.jpg 7.4K
Nickie Vienings
Located in:Melville, Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Researcher, National Peace Accord Trust


NickyCunningham.jpg 9.2K
Nicky Cunningham
Located in:Hermanus, W.P. South Africa
Job/Career:Chef, Jeweller and Mom


NicoleWhyte.jpg 8.5K
Nicole Whyte
Current photo
Located in:Newport Beach, CA, USA


NikiSteele.jpg 7.3K
Niki Steele

PamelaNew.jpg 8.3K
Pamela New

PaulDeGroot.jpg 7.2K
Paul de Groot
Located in:New Jersey, USA
Job/Career:IT Personnel, FMC


PaulGross.jpg 6.7K
Paul Gross
Located in:Leeds, England
Job/Career:Managing Director of Prima International, PLC


PhillipConnolly.jpg 7.7K
Phillip Connolly

RaymondSchott.jpg 7.7K
Raymond Schott

ReneeCallaghan.jpg 6.7K
Renee Callaghan
Located in:Kansas City, USA
Job/Career:Graphic Designer, Mom


RichardDobson.jpg 7.1K
Richard Dobson
Located in:Paris, France


RichardKetley.jpg 7.1K
Richard Ketley
Located in:Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Banking Strategy Consultant, Genesis Analytics


RobHind.jpg 7.7K
Rob Hind

RogerBennington.jpg 7.6K
Roger Bennington
Current photo
Located in:Salt Lake City, USA
Job/Career:Artistic Director, Tooth & Nail Theatre


RuthBurgin.jpg 7.0K
Ruth Burgin
Located in:Palo Alto, CA, USA


SallyTitlestad.jpg 8.8K
Sally Titlestad
Located in:Cape Town, S.A.


SallyWilliamson.jpg 7.5K
Sally Williamson

SandySearle.jpg 7.0K
Sandy Searle

SarahOelofse.jpg 6.7K
Sarah Oelofse
Current photo
Located in:Johannesburg, South Africa
Job/Career:Senior Vice President Human Resources, Anglo American


SarahThackaray.jpg 7.2K
Sarah Thackaray

ShaunDeWaal.jpg 7.3K
Shaun de Waal
Located in:Parkview, Johannesburg, S.A.
Job/Career:Book Editor, Movie Critic, Mail & Guardian


SimonWheeler.jpg 6.9K
Simon Wheeler

StephanieHardy.jpg 8.5K
Stephanie Hardy

StevenMangold.jpg 7.4K
Steven Mangold
Located in:Sandton, S.A.
Job/Career:Managing Director, Deton Investment Holdings


SusanVroombout.jpg 7.5K
Susan Vroombout
Located in:Canberra, Australia
Job/Career:Lawyer for Australian Government


TanjaKoter.jpg 8.1K
Tanja Koter
Located in:Sydney, Australia
Job/Career:Clinical Psychologist, Mom


TeddyReinecke.jpg 7.2K
Teddy Reinecke
Current photo
Located in:Dublin, Ireland
Job/Career:Property Developer/Building Contractor


TeresaHurst.jpg 8.3K
Teresa Hurst

ThomasNadermann.jpg 8.8K
Thomas Nadermann
Current photo
Located in:Vancouver, WA, USA
Job/Career:Environmental Consultant


TimeaMojzes.jpg 7.0K
Timea Mojzes

ToniMoore.jpg 7.6K
Toni Moore

TracyCollins.jpg 7.5K
Tracy Collins

TracyLongfield.jpg 9.2K
Tracy Longfield

VanessaMaclean.jpg 11.0K
Vanessa Maclean
The images are Copyright © 1982 by Dave Klein and the photographic society.
They were scanned from the 1982 Yearbook and put together here by Lutz Kretzschmar.
Permission to use these images anywhere else is prohibited.