Personal current images

as of April 2005

These images show some current snapshots of our classmates.
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_thumb.jpg 5.4K
Sarah Oelofse

_thumb1.jpg 6.4K
Reunion V

_thumb2.jpg 7.5K
Anton Boonzaier

_thumb3.jpg 4.6K
Reunion I

_thumb4.jpg 4.8K
Neill Abrams

_thumb5.jpg 5.1K
John Butler

_thumb6.jpg 4.2K
Raymond Schott

_thumb7.jpg 5.6K
Karen Stimson

_thumb8.jpg 5.3K
Neill Abrams

_thumb9.jpg 4.3K
Darryl Henderson

_thumb10.jpg 3.9K
Dean Ford

_thumb11.jpg 5.1K
Reunion II

_thumb12.jpg 2.5K
Cathy Oelofse

_thumb13.jpg 6.5K
Diane Bennington

_thumb14.jpg 3.6K
The Tappe Family

_thumb15.jpg 4.7K
Reunion III

_thumb16.jpg 3.4K
Ian Rostowsky

_thumb17.jpg 3.7K
Lutz Kretzschmar

_thumb18.jpg 3.6K
James Karis

_thumb19.jpg 4.4K
Larry Fells

_thumb20.jpg 4.2K
Max Mariotti

_thumb21.jpg 3.8K
Natalie Levin

_thumb22.jpg 4.4K
Nicole Whyte

_thumb23.jpg 5.5K
Harald Harvey

_thumb24.jpg 7.7K
Thomas Nadermann

_thumb25.jpg 6.2K
Reunion IV

_thumb26.jpg 3.7K
Renee Callaghan

_thumb27.jpg 4.9K
Roger Bennington

_thumb28.jpg 6.8K
Frances Van Blerck

_thumb29.jpg 6.0K
Colin Sulin

_thumb30.jpg 5.4K
Tappe Family

_thumb31.jpg 4.5K
Nicole Whyte

_thumb32.jpg 4.9K
Jennifer Gray

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