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This page is the official homepage for Moray, an interactive shareware wireframe modeller for the PC platform, supporting POV-Ray 3.5. It is available as a Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 98 version. A version supporting POV-Ray 3.0 is also available as a protected-mode DOS program, which runs fine under Win3.11 and OS2/2.

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Moray V3.5 For Windows

Main Screenshot. Click to show original size (60K)
The Moray Main Screen

What Is Moray?

Moray is an interactive wire-frame modeller that allows you to model a world for POV-Ray interactively, allowing you to see the setup of your scene as you build it. No editing of POV-Ray script files (unless you really want to). Moray displays a wireframe representation of the scene in 2D views and 3D camera views.
Moray V3.5 is the fourth Windows version of this modeller for use with POV-Ray.

Seamless Integration With POV-Ray

POV-Ray is tightly integrated into Moray and Moray can control POV-Ray via a POV-Ray plugin (GUI Extension). This allows you to start and stop renders from within Moray and it also allows Moray to display a full-color preview of the scene in the Moray camera view as POV-Ray renders it.

Extensible through Plugins

Moray has a plugin system that allows third-party developers to enhance Moray's functionality beyond what we have done. One of the more important plugins is one that supports keyframe animation. Check it out on the Downloads page.
Texture Editor Screenshot. Click to show original size (47K)
The Material Editor

Powerful Material Editor

Moray V3.5 features a Material Editor that supports (almost) all POV-Ray 3.5 texturing features, even including advanced features like media, interior, density, warps, slopemaps and texturemaps. The colormap allows you to build complex colormaps in realtime. And you can preview your textures (or subtextures) at any time. POV-Ray will render a thumbnail into the Material Editor. While POV-Ray renders you can continue editing the material in Moray.

Material Library

A Material Library function allows you to hierarchically organize your textures and to merge libraries or textures from libraries into your current scene and into each other. You can export some or all textures from your current scene to your own texture library. You can create multiple Texture libraries and place them into subdirectories on your harddisk. Moray will automatically display the resulting hierarchy.

Object Browser View Screenshot. Click to show original size (47K)
The Object Tree

Browse The Object Tree

Moray V3.5 can display the complete hierarchy of the scene in one of the four views on the screen. You can assign or clear textures, select, rename, collapse or expand objects either directly or from context menus in this view.
You can also toggle between 3 different views: Overview, which shows as much of the hierarchy as possible; Names, which shows just the names of the objects; and Details, which shows the object type, object name, assigned texture and assigned bounding box.

Take It For A Spin Today

You can download the latest shareware version of Moray V3.5 from the Downloads page. There is no functional difference between the shareware and the registered version, all features of the registered version are available in the shareware version.

Register Today

You can support the further development of Moray For Windows by registering for EUR 80 by secure website, email, fax or regular postal mail. Please see the Registrations page for details.
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