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Last update: 4th October 2003

F.A.Q. + Bugs

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  Frequently Asked Questions

O I get an error from POV-Ray: "Unrecognized output file format X"
This can happen with POV-Ray V3.5. There is a small error in the MORAY.INI file that comes with Moray. Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to edit the file. Search for a line like this:
and replace it with

O The Plugins menu is empty. Are no plugins loaded?
A plugin does not neccessarily have to add menu items, so you may not even notice (at first) that a plugin has been loaded. For example, an Import or Export plugin will have its menu items automatically appear in File | Import or in File | Export.

To find out whether a plugin has been loaded, check whether it is listed in the dialog that pops up when you select View | Loaded Plugins. If it isn't, then the plugin is not loaded. This could have three reasons:
  • The DLL isn't in the correct place.
  • It's not a Moray Plugin.
  • The plugin uses a DLL that is not present on your system.
The first problem can be verified by going into the View | Configuration dialog and the Advanced Tab. Check where the 'Directory to search for Plugin DLLs' is pointing. Make sure the DLLs can be found there.

The second problem you can disregard for the standard plugins.

If you're sure that everything is setup correctly, contact the author of the plugin and make sure he has released a Release Build of his plugin, or has provided any other DLLs that his plugin requires.

O There are no Named Media in the Media Tab of the Scene Settings?
The entries in the Named Media listbox come from the Material Editor. Moray searches all materials in the Editor and checks whether any of them have a Media node that has a name. To name a Media node right-click on it (Or press Alt-Enter) while it is selected. Then give it a name in the dialog box that pops up. Once this is done, the media will appear in the Media Tab of the Scene Settings dialog and you can create a global media.

O I get a duplicate interfaces in plugins (RoundedObj.DLL)
Unfortunately the last upgrade package for V3.1 included an incorrectly named standard plugin. Workaround to fix this is to go into the Plugins folder and delete the older of the two plugins RoundedObj.DLL or RoundedObjects.DLL.

O The objects I render are shiny and bumpy, but I have no finish or normal defined. Why?
Unfortunately the last maintenance release of V3.1 contained a default texture that defined a bumpy, shiny normal in MorayPOV.inc.
Workaround is to edit the MorayPOV.inc file and to delete the normal and finish statements. Only leave the pigment so that objects that do not have a pigment are red.

O When I try to translate an objects local coordinates with the mouse it beeps and nothing happens. Why?
If you have specified Limits for the object you're trying to move, Moray does not allow you to change the local coordinates with the mouse. This is because when the local coordinates are transformed with the mouse the global coordinates of the object also need to be changed, but a Limit may prevent this. This would lead to uncontrollable transformation of the object.
Workaround is to remove the Limits, transform the local coordinates and then add the Limits again.

O POV-Ray and Moray hang when I start a render. Why?
If there is a problem with the scene file and the POV-Ray parser wants to show a message, it will hang if the Auto-Load Error File menu item in POV-Rays Editor menu is checked. You should uncheck the Auto-Load Error File menu item and check the Auto-Show Parse Messages menu item in POV-Rays Editor menu. Note that the Editor menu is only displayed if a POV file is currently open for editing.

O I get a GPF in module MACXW4.DRV. What gives?
You have an ATI graphics card, probably running in 24-bit (TrueColor) color depth desktop. Almost all of the users that have had this problem have been able to fix it by downloading new screen drivers from ATI. There seems to be a incompatibility between Moray and the 24-bit desktop.
Workaround (if new drivers don't fix it) is to switch to either 16-bit (HiColor) or 32-bit (TrueColor) color depth desktop.

O How can I change the range of the multiplier of the Lights?
Use RegEdit to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SoftTronics\Moray For Windows\Config. Then add two String keys LightSliderMin and LightSliderMax and enter the corresponding limits that Moray should use. This only applies to Build 4320 and later.

O Why do I get a 'Moray cannot start POV-Ray' or 'Moray cannot find POV-Ray' message
Make sure that you are using Moray V3.1 or V3.2 if you have POV-Ray 3.1 installed. If you are using POV-Ray 3.0, you must use Moray V3.0, since Moray V3.1 and V3.2 will not work with POV-Ray 3.0.

O Why does POV-Ray gives me an error 'No matching } in texture, material identifier found instead.'?
Make sure that you are using POV-Ray 3.1. If you are using POV-Ray 3.0, you must use Moray V3.0, since Moray V3.1 and V3.2 will not work with POV-Ray 3.0.

O Will there be a Linux port?
A Mac or Linux Version of Moray is currrently not planned. We can barely invest enough time to write the one platform that we know well, never mind about a platform we don't even know. And we do not currently have enough time to handle a external porting effort. We currently don't want to make the source code freely available.
The registrations are just too few for us to invest the time and energy needed to port the program to other platforms. It is quite tied to the MFC libraries, making it even harder to port to another platform.

O Does Moray V3.1 work with POV-Ray 3.1?
Yes, Moray V3.1 works only with POV-Ray 3.1. POV-Ray 3.0 is no longer supported. Moray V3.0 does not work with POV-Ray 3.1. It only works with POV-Ray 3.0.

O Does Moray V3.2 work with POV-Ray 3.1?
Yes, Moray V3.2 works only with POV-Ray 3.1. POV-Ray 3.0 is no longer supported. Moray V3.0 does not work with POV-Ray 3.1. It only works with POV-Ray 3.0.

O How does IK (Inverse Kinematics) work?
Please check out the Tutorial on the Tutorials page. The following text should get you started. Try playing with (and analyzing) the provided ROBOT.MDL scene.

Basically you must create an object in such a way that when you select Rotate or Translate (without IK) subobjects, they will do whatever you thought (and wanted) they would. You must create a hierarchy of objects.

Once you've done that, use the Limits functions to make the object move only in those axes or directions it's allowed to. Lock all other subobjects. Then in the Limits dialog, enable the group as an IK node (Use IK) under the corresponding axis.

Note that you should only enable one axis of rotation per node.

Now when you click on the IK mode toolbar button, the wireframe displays a white skeleton that shows all the IK nodes. These may skip object nodes, i.e. the parent of one IK node may not neccessarily be the parent of the object node.


This is a list of tips that you may find useful.
  • If for some reason Moray crashes after a render and you have not saved your scene and think you have lost it all, check the file called Rendering.mdl in the Moray main directory. It contains the scene before the last render. You can copy this file to the MDL directory and re-load it.


Build 7025 is the latest official release and has fixed all bugs listed under Build 7015 and earlier.
If you have a bug that is not listed, you should let us know as soon as possible.

O Build 7025
  • None known as of 15th July 2002

O Build 7015
  • Reference objects that do not inherit transformations and reference an object that has local coordinates will not be exported correctly to POV-Ray, even though they are displayed correctly by Moray.

O Build 6995
  • None known as of 15th December 2000.

O Build 6815
  • The Browser incorrectly appears when switching from a maximized View to a sweep editor and back if it was previously active.
  • Minimize does not work correctly for a maximized Browser view from the Context menu.
  • When adding objects to groups/CSGs the color highlighting is incorrect.
  • When undoing add/remove operations to groups/CSGs the color highlighting is incorrect.
  • OpenGL views do not respond to UDO detail levels (neither global and local).
  • RAW triangle meshes do not display the actual triangles in OpenGL views.
  • OpenGL Settings Dialog sometimes does not initialize the Render mode correctly.
  • The subobjects list on the Groups Modify Tab is not updated correctly when adding subobjects.
  • Doing a Scene|Evaluate All CSGs when there is a CSG object in the scene that has no subobjects causes a crash.
  • Requesting a Redraw (Ctrl-R) with the cursor not over a view causes a crash.
  • Identifiers (object names) that start with a number do not work with POV-Ray.
  • Other high-ASCII characters in object names cause problems when exporting.
  • When Load Last Scene on Startup is activated, Search paths are still searched for the file, even though it is known where it is.
  • The 'Show Tips At Startup' button on the Tip Of The Day dialog is not sticky.

O Build 6795
  • A 3D view in OpenGL mode does not take a cameras reference objects into account. Therefore spotlight views (views that display the scene as if the spotlight was a camera) are also broken in OpenGL mode.
  • In OpenGL views, only one light causes specular highlights when 'Use Scene Lighting' is on.
  • In OpenGL views, lights in a group are rendered as if they were not in the group (the groups transformations are not take into account).
  • The settings from the OpenGL dialog box are not saved in the MDL file.
  • The OpenGLs view background color is only set once when starting OpenGL in a view. Changing color schemes does not change the background.
  • Adding layers in the Layer Editing Dialog does not correctly update the colors and names that are assigned to layers.
  • The Z-key does not function.
  • Texture proxies are not handled correctly in OpenGL and in Moray mode when the global Show Material Proxy flag is off.
  • The cone can cause lines to 'stick' in Moray views and can cause extra huge triangles to be drawn in OpenGL views.
  • Made the W hotkey does not work over a Browser view.
  • A maximized view cannot be turned into a Browser view.
  • The heightfield object does not correctly initialize its wireframe and solid display after loading.
  • The Shift-F hotkey does not work.
  • Spotlight cameras are not deleted when the spotlight is deleted.
  • Merging (and pasting) a camera does not ensure that only one camera has the "Render Camera" flag set.
  • Reference objects jump to strange places during mouse transformations (in Moray views and only if the parents had local coordinates and were in turn referenced again).
  • The bounding box object causes a memory leak.
  • Pre-V3.0 MDL files cannot be loaded.
  • Adding and removing objects from groups does not work correctly if the groups have local coordinates or if the parents of the group has local coordinates.

O Build 5298
  • The F6 hotkey does not work.
  • No known serious bugs as of 14th February 2000.

O Build 5270
  • You cannot generate bounding boxes for any objects.
  • Clearing a texture after transforming it causes a crash.
  • Setting detail level in Scene Settings above 100% causes a crash.
  • Sometimes one of the views doesn't repaint itself completely when a new scene is loaded.
  • If the Available Textures listbox is in List mode on the Material Library dialog, long texture names may cover adjacent names.
  • Two Tooltips in the Material Editor do not work.
  • Snap Translate moves in all axis with big snap values.
  • Merging a scene does not make sure that textures don't have object names and vice-versa.

O Build 5235
  • A red camera shadow is left behind in the 2D views when spinning the camera in the 3D view.
  • The global UDO Detail level in Scene Settings does not work unless you tab through another edit button in the dialog.
  • The detail level of an UDO object does not get saved in the MDL file.
  • When loading a scene by double-clicking on a file in the FileOpen dialog, Moray incorrectly thinks that you have just moved an object and will interrupt any pending redraws and will set the 'modified' flag.
  • Redraws in the Extended Editors (Beziers Sweeps) are incorrect when moving the key frame time slider of the Animation plugin.
  • Merging a scene deletes any fogs already present and overwrites comments and include files in the Scene->Settings dialog.
  • When undoing the duplication of a spotlight, trying to select a camera will cause a crash.
  • Fog layers may disappear and cause crashes after rendering and saving.
  • When loading a scene with one or more Fog layers in the Scene Settings, clicking on Add will cause an Assert that you can ignore as long as you then select the fog type in the combobox.
  • Invoking the Duplicate function will occasionally crash Moray. It crashes more often when you invoke it from the menu instead of the toolbar or with the Ctrl-D hotkey (don't ask why).
  • ZIP.DLL is missing from the current beta distribution.
  • If the Available Textures listbox is in List mode on the Material Library dialog, long texture names may cover adjacent names.
  • Two Tooltips in the Material Editor do not work.
  • Snap Translate moves in all axis with big snap values.
  • Merging a scene does not make sure that textures don't have object names and vice-versa.

O Build 4325
  • The 'Preview Next Parent' checkbox in the Material Editor does not work. It always renders the complete texture.
  • The LensFlare plugin does not work correctly if the light that it is attached to is a child of a transformed group or CSG object.

O Build 4215
  • The buttons for Plugin Objects on the Create Tab are not always visible.
  • Copy-Pasting a plugin object causes a crash under certain conditions.
  • Right-clicking on halo (that was loaded from a library or from an old scene), causes a fatal assertion.
  • The Lensflare plugin does not export semicolons at the end of the declares, causing a warning from POV-Ray.
  • Getting a light source above <1,1,1> is now much easier due to a new multiplication slider in the light dialogs.
  • When using the Track feature in a 3D View in the Bezier Editor does not update the display of the scene in that view.
  • Global media (in Scene|Settings) are deleted if the Materials they are contained in are deleted.
  • Spotlights in groups that have reference copies are not exported correctly if the reference objects are within the same parent.
  • Using Inverse Kinematics with objects that have local coordinates does not work for all objects and will cause weird movements.
  • If you have POV-Ray 3.1a installed, Moray fails to find the correct registry settings.
  • There is a problem with UDO files generated by Win3DS2POV. There are extra commas between the vertices, which causes Moray to disregard the decimal places and use huge numbers. The latest version of the converter fixes it. Get it from Thomas Baier's Website.
  • The MorayPOV.INC that was released with previous builds defined a bumpy red shiny texture as the default. This causes textures without a normal or a finish to be bumpy and glossy. Unfortunately, if specular and phong are 0.0, the texture is still shiny (Moray does not export them as 0.0).
    Workaround is to edit MorayPOV.INC and only leave the pigment { } line in it.
  • Renaming a media that is being used as the global media in the scene does not cause the name change to be propagated to the global media. POV-Ray reports an error.
    Workaround is to go to the Media Tab in the Scene|Settings dialog and to reset the media.
  • The logic of the Uniform flag of the Noise Modifiers is inverted.
  • Bounding boxes of objects whose pivot point has been transformed is incorrectly calculated.
  • poly and cubic wavetypes are not supported in normal noise modifiers.
  • transformations are not supported for materials.
  • There is a display problem with the wireframe when reference objects reference other reference objects. Renders are not affected.
  • Merging a MDL file that has an object selected that will be renamed due to merging, causes a fatal assertion.
    Workaround is to not have an object selected when saving the MDL.
  • There is a bug that causes a 'File not open' error when reading a file that crops up seldomly (it's been around since V2.5). There is no workaround. If you get this error with an important file, contact us.

O Build 4196
  • Merging a MDL scene containing a reference object causes a fatal assertion. Fixed in 4215.
  • UDO files using commas as decimal points (some locales do this) caused rounding errors during import. Fixed in 4215.

O Build 4180
  • Copy and Paste causes crash. Fixed in 4196.
  • Lens Flare plugin not working correctly. Fixed in 4196.

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