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SoftTronics, Lutz + Kretzschmar GbR, Munich, Germany


The latest release V3.5 improves on the foundation that V3.3 provided. It also adds exciting new features that improve the modelling experience.
The following new features and enhancements are available in Moray V3.5.

  New Features in V3.5

  • The Selected Object is now rendered in its color and overlaid with a green wireframe.
  • The Browser now shows more additional information (transformation limits and IK Node)
  • The layout of the views can now be changed in the Window Layout Dialog and with the mouse. You can create your own layouts if we haven't thought of it.
  • There are now 6 different rendering modes available for each OpenGL view, including textured, wireframed, and point cloud.
  • In the 3D view, all the transformations now work in the viewing plane.
  • All Extended Editors can work in the local coordinate system of the object, or in the world coordinate system. If the rest of the scene is displayed, it is transformed into your editor coordinate system.
  • The Sweep Editor now supports Undo and allows editing in all the views, including the 3D view. And the 3D window dispays the sweep in real time.
  • There is a new Mesh Editor, which also supports Subdivision Surfaces and UV-mapping.
  • The Material Library has been redesigned and you can now transfer textures between libraries, too.
  • The middle mouse button now pans views.
  • The UDO file format now supports faces for a solid preview.
  • Cylindrical blob components are now evaluated.
  • Added support for no_image and no_reflection keywords to all objects.
  • Added Orient and Circular keywords to area lights.
  • Added Photons dialog to the Modify Tab for Objects and Lights.
  • Added Photons Tab to Scene Settings Dialog.
  • Added support for POV-Ray 3.5 radiosity variables to Radiosity Tab in Scene Settings Dialog.
  • Added UV mapping support to most primitives.
  • Added mesh2 flag to Material (supresses material wrapper on export)
  • Added 'Exclude moves from Undo' flag to Camera object.
  • Added Presets to Camera object.
  • Changed all icons in Menus, Toolbars and Objectbar to be in full color and rendered them with POV-Ray.
  • A thumbnail of the camera window can now be saved to the MDL file.
  • The views support OpenGL only.

  New Features in V3.3

  • Added OpenGL support. All the views now support OpenGL, which means significant increases in redrawing performance on hardware-accelerated cards. Even without a card, seeing a shaded view in realtime helps a lot in visualizing the scene.
  • Improved redraw display and speed. A ghost image of the object being modified remains on the screen until the modification is complete. And the line drawing no longer makes an object partly disappear.
  • Much improved CSG display (thanks to Alexander Enzmann).
  • Added Layer functionality. Objects can be assigned to one or more layers. These layers define a color, visibility and transformation state.
  • Added better Color management. The colors of the views and the wireframes can be defined externally via a text file. The wireframes of objects can be assigned specific colors.
  • Reference Objects can now choose not to inherit the transformations of the object being referenced.
  • Added Dolly movement for the camera in the 3D views. Pressing Shift and Alt in a camera view does a Dolly of the camera (moves the camera along the viewing axis).
  • Added character mapping for TrueType objects. MORAY.INI contains a section where you can change mappings for the high ASCII characters. It contains mappings for all the base characters. Moray will now make POV-Ray render text with high-ASCII characters (umlauts, etc.) correctly.
  • Added "Evaluate Difference and Intersection only" and "Evaluate selected Object only" checkboxes to the Evaluate all CSGs dialog. This drastically reduces the time required to Evaluate a scene with CSG. Also added this functionality to the CSGs Modify Tab.
  • Added stock lenses to the camera dialog.
  • The subdialogs on the Modify Tab can now be collapsed.
  • Added sequential selection (Ctrl-Left, Ctrl-Right).
  • Many improvements to the Plugin system that should improve the plugins out there.
  • Removed support for 256-color desktops.

  Bugs Fixed in V3.3

All known bugs in V3.2 were fixed. Most of them were small, cosmetic bugs that did not affect many users.
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin system concerning textures.
  • Fixed a bug in UDO import that didn't allow more than one space character between the coordinates of the vertices.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing 4MB chunks of memory to be leaked whenever activating an extended editor (Sweep and Bezier Editors).
  • Fixed a bug that was causing changes made with the spinners in the cameras focal blur section to be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Moray to crash when zero was entered in the View|Configuration|Advanced|Maximum Lines.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an assertion when loading UDOs that have a display percentage set.
  • Finally squashed the snap bug that was causing snap to fail for large snap values and that would make rotation immediately snap in one direction.
  • Fixed code that did not update the non-uniform scaling values.
  • Fixed a bug that did not update transform dialog for texturelinks that were modified from plugins.
  • Fixed a bug in UDO objects that caused textures assigned to them to not be found when the user clicked "Used By" or "Delete Unused Textures"
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly evaluated blobs when they had a local coordinate system, or had been transformed.

  New Features in V3.2

  • Added a Search Path Tab to the View|Configuration dialog that allows you to do maintenance on your Search Paths without resorting to the Registry Editor. Only built-in Search Paths can be maintained, any file types that plugins define cannot be edited.
  • Added a object creation Toolbar.
  • Added a coordinate entry possibility to the sweep editors.
  • Changes in the Material Editor and Material Library:
    • Added a Toolbar and improved the menu
    • The previews are now persistent
    • All previews can be rendered at once (Editor and Library)
    • Library contents can be viewed as thumbnails
    • Library contents can be multiply selected
  • Made View|Dependencies display all files, whether they are in a Search Path or not. If you click on Ignore instead of Browse the file will be ignored (it is displayed grayed out).
  • Added a "Create ZIP" function to the View|Dependencies dialog. It packs up all the files needed for the scene.
  • Added Detail level for UDOs in Scene|Settings and in individual UDO objects. By default, UDOs use the global detail level set in Scene|Settings. You can override the global setting for an individual UDO on its Modify Tab. Also improved the *loading speed of UDOs for those huge Rhino meshes*.
  • The spinning of the scene with the mouse in the 3D view when the camera is selected can now be done by right-dragging in the 3D view without needing to select the camera.
  • Removed all Polyray output and support.
  • Many Plugin SDK changes.

  Bugs Fixed in V3.2

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash after clearing a texture assignment that referred to a texture that had been transformed. Texture transformations cannot be undone.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented one of the views from repainting itself completely after a new scene was loaded.
  • Fixed the problem where a desktop color-depth change caused an ASSERT.
  • When loading a scene with one or more Fog layers in the Scene Settings, clicking on Add would sometimes cause an Assert. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when undoing the duplication of spotlights.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the refresh to fail when loading a new scene by double-clicking on a filename in the File Open dialog.
  • When merging a scene (or object) the fogs already present are no longer deleted. The include files and any comments in the merged file are now appended to the already present includes files and comments.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when pasting reference objects that were referencing objects not in the scene nor in the hierarchy being pasted.
  • Fixed a bug that did not disable the Range button on the Colormap dialog when a halo was selected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused lights in a group that was referenced by a reference object to be incorrectly exported.
  • Hopefully squashed the bug that was making the status bar disappear on Windows95.
  • Fixed a bug that caused light source that were referenced to be exported twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a reference to a light source to not be exported correctly if the referenced light source was part of an object whose Export flag was off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an object to be created even though the user cancelled the name entry (autonaming was off).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a bounding box for a plane to be generated and incorrectly at that (coordinates out of range). Bounding boxes can now no longer be created for planes.
  • Fixed cylindrical/conical blob component support.
  • Fixed a problem with camera exporting related to the aspect ratio of the camera and Morays on-screen aspect ratio.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when creating a texture immediately after importing a material library file.
  • Added code to detect and prevent users from creating circular references when adding reference objects to groups/CSGs.
  • Fixed a helpfile problem (media tab was not indexed correctly).
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the Filter and Transmit sliders after editing ambient/reflection color finish items.
  • Fixed a bug that was not refreshing a browser view when a camera was duplicated.
  • Improved the code that checks for problematic situations when deleting objects that are referenced. Not all cases were previously detected, resulting in lost references.
  • Fixed two potential crash reasons when opening Scene Settings.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the backdrop to survive loading new scene.
  • Fixed a bitmap bug that caused an assert in the extended editors.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the transformation of plugin objects even though they were not allowed to be transformed.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a named media used by Atmosphere and then deleting the material it was attached to.
  • Fixed a bug where the render cam setting was not being saved and loaded correctly.
  • Fixed Preview Next Parent bug in Material Editor.

  New Features in V3.1

  • Added Inverse Kinematics (IK) support. This allows you to move the end of an object hierarchy and have Moray move the parent objects according to limits that you define in such a way that the end object follows the mouse.
  • Added local coordinate system support, some packages call this pivot point support. It allows you to change the origin of an object.
  • Added POV-Ray 3.1 functionality to the Material Editor.
  • Added a plugin acrhitecture and supplied sample plugins, one of which adds support for Nathan Kopps Lensflare 5.0 Include file.
  • Added a Range button to the Color and Colormap dialogs so that you can set the ranges that RGBFT values can use.
  • An Online Help system has been incorporated.
  • Added a new feature: transformation limiting. Once you've finished constructing your object, make sure you never move a finished part by accident. Or define a range of motion that subobjects are allowed to be transformed by.
  • Added support for Hicolor and Truecolor desktops. POV-Ray previews are now in color on Truecolor and Hicolor desktops.
  • Added Drag 'n Drop support for MDL, UDO and BLB files.
  • Added a tightness slider to the spotlight dialog.
  • Added a Render Camera flag to cameras. No more confusion about which camera is going to render the scene.
  • Added Track mode to move the camera in a 3D view.
  • Added a Roll angle to the camera allowing it to be rolled around its own axis.
  • Added a Snap-To-Axis key modifier for moving objects with the mouse.
  • Added a combobox for choosing the file format that POV-Ray generates in the Render|Options dialog.
  • Allowed the camera to be moved in the 3D view with the mouse. This has the same effect as spinning an object at the cameras lookat point around its origin.
  • Removed the hard coded limit of 100 cameras. Moray can now handle 65535 cameras.
  • Made Copy, Cut and Paste work for Edit boxes. When an edit box has the focus, the text is copied.
  • Made the automatic generation of names for objects take the number of decimal places into account.
  • When duplicating a spotlight the spot camera is now also duplicated.
  • When saving or Edit|Copying a spotlight the spot camera is also saved/copied.
  • Made bumpsize limits larger, they now go from -100 to +100.
  • Removed all support for POV-Ray 3.0. Too complex to keep both versions in the same codebase, especially in the Material Editor.
  • Added cylindrical blob component support (plugin system only).
  • Added media support on the scene level to the previous Atmosphere Tab.
  • Moray now generates an INI file that is named like the scene instead of a constant POVWIN.INI.
  • A view can be continuously panned and/or zoomed with the middle mouse button

  Bugs Fixed in V3.1

  • When fonts with names longer than 32 letters were used the program would crash. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Truetype code that crashed on fonts without kerning tables.
  • Fixed a bug that exported truetype objects incorrectly for Polyray.

  • Fixed a bug that caused range overflows when reading in textures of old Moray V2.5 scenes that used components larger than 200. This happened for phong_size of some textures, where a 400 would become -29.3452.
  • Fixed an old bug in the colormap editor. The position was not saved when you tabbed out of it, or pressed Preview before Enter.
  • The settings of the turbulence Warps were set to incorrect defaults.
  • The ramp_type was incorrectly exported for noise modifiers when wood and marble were the patterns. Fixed.
  • Fixed the non-sticky interpolation for bitmaps in the Texture Editor.
  • Fixed the average map error where the Texture Editor was exporting numbers along with the individual entries.
  • The unwinding of rotations when the texture was in world space were not correctly ordered. Fixed.

  • Fixed a bug in the UDO import that incorrectly read in UDO files that contained an object with more than 32766 vertices.
  • Fixed view loading code so that views are now correctly loaded. Previously, views that had an active browser when the scene was saved were not restored correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the texture comparison routine that led to textures being copied and renamed instead of referenced when using Copy-Paste or merging a scene.
  • Scene files that were saved with a point light as the selected object caused an ASSERT upon loading and subsequently crashed. Fixed.

  • The V-steps of the bezier patch were not being updated correctly when the spinner changed. Fixed.
  • A render region of only 1 pixel width or height caused a crash. Fixed.
  • The camera was not being positioned correctly when the position or lookat used objects (i.e. relative positioning). The coordinates were also not being displayed correctly. Fixed.
  • Reference Objects that referenced a group containing light sources did not export the light sources. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the decomposition of matrices that caused problems when rotating about the Y-axis. Most noticeable when the X and Z components were frozen.

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