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We try to keep the links on this page up-to-date. Should you nevertheless find a defunct link, the Webmaster would be glad to hear from you.

  POV-Ray Pages

  • POV-Ray Homepage. POV-Ray's home on the web. Go here for all official POV-Ray information and all official compiles.
  • POV-Ray Links Collection. Ken Tyler's Links collection is now hosted on POV-Ray's website. Everything important in graphics that you need to find on the net is linked to from here.

  Raytracing Sites


  • Robert Mickelsen's homepage contains many interesting images, including the well-known image of an ice-cream Sundae, that Robert modelled with Moray V1.54.
  • Frank DeRosa works with Moray and has a nice collection of images in his six galleries.
  • 3D Artist Magazine has a WWW site that hosts many raytracing artists that are worth checking out.


  Modellers + Tools

  • Thomas Baier's Homepage Thomas is the author of the only program we know of that can parse POV files (except for POV-Ray itself). He also has a utility to convert RAW, 3D-Studio binary mesh files, Imagine OBJ files and Lightwave files to UDO files.
  • Rhino 3D. A cool NURBS modeller by McNeel and Associates. Rhino supports the UDO/INC file format.
  • NuGraf. A very fast scanline rendering Engine by Okino Inc. that creates raytracing-quality images.

  Programmers Corner

  • VB and 3D is a website where Keith Fox discusses Visual Basic and 3D rendering topics.
  • Raytracing News Guide. A guide to Eric Haines Raytracing News net publication.
  • Chris Hecker's Homepage. Looking for innovative algorithms? Check out what a well-known computer graphics guru, columnist and game developer is up to.
  • Paul Bourke's Homepage. Interesting collection of source code and algorithms related to computer graphics.
  • 3D Graphics Engines. An ever growing list of 3D rendering engines.
  • Behavioural Animation Interested in behavioural animation or similar? Then this article is for you. Boids: Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model. Excellent collection of links relating to this subject.
  • CodeGuru. An extensive, site of free classes with source code and documentation for use with MFC. Page design has suffered due to overloaded commercials. Also has a message board.
  • CodeProject. A better CodeGuru. A must for all MFC programmers. An excellent, extensive, well-organized site of free classes with source code and documentation for use with MFC.

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