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  1st February 2007

O So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...
Development of Moray has slowed tremendously over the last three years, mostly due to new time contraints that have been brought about by family and career changes in our lives. Instead of letting Moray come to an end, we have decided to have it live on in another form and have provided the source code rights to the POV-Team on mutually favourable terms. We plan to remain involved in further development, even if it is only in an advisory role (someone has to explain the convoluted source code :-)).

Over the years Moray has made POV-Ray accessible to many people and we hope this contribution will continue to allow even more to join the community. We will be releasing a final build without any registration requirements and nag screens in a few weeks.

To all our registered users, we extend a heartfelt thank you for your support over the years. Without it, Moray could not have evolved to the state it is in now. We are excited to see where Moray will go from here. Thanks also to our friends and family for the support (Angelika especially for taking care of the administrative side :-) ).

Best Regards,

Lutz and Markus

O Official Announcement
The following is a joint announcement from Persistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd. ('POV'), Lutz Kretzschmar (Lutz) and Markus Lutz (Markus).

  Persistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd. is pleased to advise that it has acquired the rights to the 3d modeller 'Moray' from Lutz and Markus. Moray is a Windows program specifically designed to create 3d models and scenes to be used with the POV-Ray raytracer, and was originally sold as trialware.

POV will, in due course, re-issue Moray under a new name and new license. The license has not been decided on with finality, but will be OSI-approved. POV is planning to release it under the GPLv3 but this decision is subject of course to review of the final version of this license.

The POV-Team is continuing development on version 3.7, which is the last planned major release of the current POV-Ray codebase prior to version 4.0.

Version 4.0 will be released under an OSI-approved license. POV has not decided on which license will be chosen at this stage. Those portions of the codebase that are not already re-releasable under an OSI license will, prior to the release of 4.0, be re-written so as to permit them to be released under one. Some of the 'new to version 3.7' codebase is already able to be released under both the old and newly-chosen license.

The current version 3.7 development codebase will be made publicly available at around the same time as the Moray codebase. This will allow the public to assist, if they wish, in completing version 3.7 of POV-Ray and will also assist in the transition to 4.0. POV hopes to be able to announce the final 4.0 license choice at this time.

There is no schedule for the release of 4.0. It will primarily depend on the amount of public assistance that is received in re-writing non-OSI-licensable code.

  6th March 2004

O New and updated Plugins
I have released a new plugin called WireFramer, which takes the selected object and creates cylinders and spheres to create its wireframe as solid objects.

Mike Weber has released an updated version of the BSpline plugin that allows you to create tube-like objects. The new version uses the same technology as the Sweep editors, making it much easier to edit the control points of the spline.

Both are available from the Plugins page.

  10th February 2004

O Updated the Plugin page (again)
Apart from the new Tree and Leaf plugin that allows you to create trees and leaves, I have added links to allow you to download Luis Gomez's Plugins on the Plugins page. There is a new one from Luis called MakeSnow....

PS: A belated Happy New Year for 2004! :-)

  18th November 2003

O Animation Plugin bugfix release
There is an update of the animation plugin (Beta 22) available on the Plugins page.
It does have one new (experimental) feature, too.....

  11th October 2003

O Moray V3.5 Released
Well, it's taken a long time, but it's finally here.... Get Moray V3.5 from the Downloads page.

  30th June 2003

O Moray V3.5 Release Candidate 2 is out
All Beta testers should have received instructions for Release Candidate 2 by now. If you haven't, please let us know. Again, all bugs should be gone now :-) (Unfortunately, I am currently relocating, so the release will take a while....)

O Moray V3.5 Plugin SDK is out
A new version of the Plugin SDK is available to developers. Developers should have received an announcement for the enhanced SDK. If you haven't, please let us know.

  1st June 2003

O Moray V3.5 Release Candidate 1 is out
All Beta testers should have received instructions for Release Candidate 1 by now. If you haven't, please let us know. All bugs should be gone now and we're getting close to a release.....

O Moray V3.5 Plugin SDK is out
All Plugin SDK developers should have received an announcement for the enhanced SDK that will be available in Moray V3.5. If you haven't, please let us know.

  24th September 2002

O UDO Format Specification updated
Since Moray V3.5 now supports faces in the UDO format, the specification has been updated. Get it on the Documentation Download page.

  18th September 2002

O Subdivision Tutorial (for Moray V3.5 Beta)

Subdivision Surface Tutorial I have whipped up a brief tutorial on how to use the Mesh Editor in Moray V3.5 Beta to make the shape shown at left. It gets you acquainted with some basic Mesh Editor functionality and a feel for the basic subdivision surface functions.

Make sure you've read the What's New section of the V3.5 Beta Help System, especially the Mesh Editor before doing this tutorial.

  16th September 2002

O Beta Test has started
If you applied to be a Beta Tester and have not received instructions for downloading Moray V3.5 Beta 1, please let us know.

  25th August 2002

O Get the Beta Test Applications in!
We will stop accepting applications for becoming a beta tester on Moray V3.5 on the 1st of September, so hurry if you want to apply. Just fill out the form below and click Apply.

  8th August 2002

O Moray V3.5 prepares for Beta Testing
Again, apologies for the lack of updates, but we have been occupied and busy.
It's been some time now that Moray V3.5 has been in Alpha testing and the reports have tapered off, so we think it's time to go to a broader audience.

We will be in touch with the beta tester who applied once we're ready to start the Beta Test.

  22nd April 2002

O Moray V3.5 enters Alpha Testing
Sorry that it's taken so long, but we needed some extra development time. But the good news is that we have given a few alpha testers access to the current development version of Moray for some immediate feedback and testing.

Once the most obvious bugs have been found and removed and installation issues resolved, we will make a beta version available to registered users, since they will be most familiar with Moray and will be able to report any problems or issues they run into.

O German Book on Moray and POV-Ray
A german publisher (Halbscheffel Verlag) has published a book (in german) that will take you through almost all aspects of Moray. It's aimed at the beginner to intermediate Moray user.

  6th February 2002

O POV-Ray Keyrings second batch available
The next batch of keyrings has arrived and is shipping. For details see the the IRTC + Keyring page.

O Moray V3.5 development
We are busy with development and will be going into alpha testing in the next two or three weeks.
We anticipate a beta test for sometime in late March or April. We are excited about the new features that will be available and hope to let you have them as soon as possible.

Since the mesh editor and other new features require polygon rendering, and just about all the graphics cards come with hardware acceleration nowadays, we have decided that Moray V3.5 and onwards will use OpenGL as its sole preview rendering engine.

Hardware-accelerated OpenGL is much quicker than the current internal Moray redrawing code. It also decreases Morays memory footprint. And even if your graphics card does not have OpenGL hardware acceleration, there is a software OpenGL driver available.

Naturally, we are keeping a close eye on fast redraw speeds and will ensure that interaction remains as close to real-time as possible.

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