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POV-Ray 3.x

Copyright © 1991-2003 by
SoftTronics, Lutz + Kretzschmar GbR, Munich, Germany

Last update: 6th March 2004


This page contains all information related to the Plugin system that Moray V3.1 and later versions use.

O Plugin SDK Documentation
The latest documentation of the Plugin SDK for Moray V3.3 (Build 7015) is available here.
The complete documentation is also included in the SDK. This link is just to allow you to browse the documentation to help you decide whether any task you might be contemplating writing a plugin for can be solved with the SDK.

O Plugin SDK Download
The latest version of the Plugin SDK is available on request. Please send an email to lutz@stmuc.com and we will point you to the URL. This is just to keep track of the developers and keep them up-to-date on latest plugin development.

Access to the SDK is not restricted in any other way.

O Available Plugins
The plugins that came with Moray are not listed here. If revisions of the plugins are available, they will be listed here.
If you have a plugin to release, we would appreciate it if you would make it available here. In this case please let us know.
Title   Email contact Download Description
WireFramer V3.5 Lutz Kretzschmar Download (78K) This plugin allows you to turn the wireframe of a primitive object to a solid wireframe representation made of cylinders and spheres.

B-Spline Generator/Editor V3.5 Mike Weber Mike's Website Updated: this plug-in will allow you to generate B-Spline cylinder type objects. The editor will allow you to edit the object in the current scene with reference to existing objects. Features include:
  • X-Y Radius control for elliptical cross section shape
  • Generate using triangle, sphere, cube or disc
  • Insert, Add, Delete or Move control points.
Tree and Leaf V3.5 David Kadish David's Website This plugin allows you to create trees and leaves.

Insert Code V3.5 Luis Gomes Download (84KB) This plugin allows you to insert POV-Ray code directly into Moray's output.

Make Snow V3.5 Luis Gomes Download (74KB) This plugin allows you to insert POV-Ray code directly into Moray's output.

Diamond V3.5 Luis Gomes Download (84KB) This plugin allows you to create a diamond shape.

UV Map Export V3.5 Luis Gomes Download (80KB) This plugin allows you to export a mesh's UV map as a BMP.

Animation and Rendering V1.31 (Beta22) V3.5 Download (742KB) This is an update to the animation plugin listed below.
Download and unzip over the old version.

NOTE: it does have one additional, experimental feature: it shows translation spline geometry of some selected objects in the views (see Render|Options).
Animation and Rendering V3.5 Alexander Enzmann Xanders Website This beta version plugin implements simple keyframe animation and rendering support based on the Polyray rendering engine (which is included). It adds several rendering modes to Moray: Wireframe, Hidden line, ZBuffer, Scanline, and Raytracing. The renderer displays to a window and to the backdrop of Moray's 3D view and outputs the image to disk.
The plugin displays a timeline at the bottom of Moray's views where you can manipulate the keyframes.

Various Plugins V3.2 Keith Hull Keith's Website Keith Hull has written a number of great plugin interface to various authors' Include Files . Check out the following plugins:
  • Grass - Interfaces to Gilles Tran's Grass Include File.
  • Smoke Generator - Interfaces to Mikael Carneholm's SmokeGen Include File.
  • Liquid Spray - Interfaces to Chris Colefax's Liquid Spray Include File.
  • City - Interfaces to Chris Colefax's City Include File
  • Galaxy - Interfaces to Chris Colefax's Galaxy Include File
  • Link - Interfaces to Chris Colefax's Link Include File
  • Glow - Interfaces to Chris Huff's Glow Object for MegaPov (does not work with standard POV-Ray).
  • Web - Interfaces to Chris Colefax's Web Include File
  • Tree - Interfaces to Gilles Tran's Tree macros.
Fullmoon Lua Scripting plugin V3.2 Andre de Leiradella Andre's Website This plugin is under development, but it is definitely worth looking at.
It's very hard to code object plugins in C, there are many details to deal with to get a functional plugin. And you have to have access to a C/C++ compiler to compile your source code.
This plugin is an attempt to make object plugin coding easier, by allowing authors to code them using a script language called Lua.
Lua is a procedural language with some OOP, meaning it's very easy to learn because it's similar to C and Pascal and it allows a very powerful design of the object interface. If you ever coded or tried to code a plugin just take a look at the example objects provided with FullMoon and you'll know what I mean.
FullMoon 0.3a is available for download free of charge at http://www.geocities.com/andre_leiradella/. It's still alpha code, but new versions are getting more and more stable. Please send your feedback to leiradella@writeme.com."
Domenator V3.2 Philippe Gibone Offline The Dome generator. It allows you to make about 6300 permutations of a a dome, with all sorts of struts and connecting rods. Includes images of the base functions that are used to determine the look of the dome.
Column V3.2 Keith Hull Keith's Website Keith Hull has written a plugin to create columns in various shapes and sizes, including Plain, Doric, Ionic, Church and Spiral.
LensFX V3.2 Amedeo Paglione Amedeos Website This plugin is an interface to the LensEffects Include file by Chris Colefax. It allows creating and manipulating any of the pre-defined lens effect types.
The latest version is available from Amedeo' website here.
3DWin V3.2 Thomas Baier Thomas' Website This package contains 3DWin, a 3D file format converter. It installs a Moray plugin that gives access to many 3D file formats. It outputs POV-Ray and Polyray formats. It can also output a wireframe and a blobby wireframe of the scene for POV-Ray.
Grid 2000 V3.2 Darren Izzard sedigrid32.zip (95K) This is a new version for Moray V3.2 of the SediGrid plugin that generates a grid of objects.
Frame V3.1 Arne Kleinophorst frame.zip (36K) Arne Kleinophorst has written a plugin that creates a frame-like object similar to the rounded cubes, except that the object is a tubular frame.
sPatch Export All Lutz Kretzschmar spatchex.zip (44K) This is NOT a Moray plugin, it is an sPatch plugin (for sPatch V1.51). It allows you to create a MDL file from within sPatch that is compatible with Moray V3.0 (and later) For Windows. Simply extract the ZIP to sPatch's Plugin directory.

O Plugins under development
If you are developing a plugin and would like to be listed here, please let us know.
Title Email contact Filename Description
Lens Flare Lutz Kretzschmar LensFlareMFC.DLL We're continuing development together with Nathan Kopp of the Lens Flare Plugin that uses his Include file.
Rounded Objects Lutz Kretzschmar RoundedObjects.DLL We're also continuing development of the Plugin that implements the rounded objects. There are two of these.
  • A cube that has rounded edges. The radius of the edge can be adjusted with a slider.
  • A cylinder/disc object that also has rounded edges, where the radius of the edge can be adjusted with a slider.
Blob Plugin Marcin Tustin   Having been frustrated in my attempts to find a good blob modeller, I have decided to take up the challenge to start slowly to write a plugin. However, I do not have much time on my hands, and am not experienced, so would like to hear form other programmers who would like to get involved.

I envisage the features suggested in the requested section below as being the final form, with the addition that, to aid visualisation, the plugin should generate a raw object marked not for export, showing the surface of the blob.

It is my intention to start with a basic blob-placing plugin, then add the surfacing feature (borrowing from the Pov-ray source as necessary), then add the nesting. All comments etc. are welcome.

O Requests for Plugins
If you have an idea for a plugin but are not in a position to write it, let us know and we will list it here. If you are a developer and are interested in developing one of the plugins listed here, let us know and we will place you in the Under development section.
Title Email contact Description
POV People plugin unknown While it may be covered to some degree by the addition of Inverse Kinematics, I would love to have a plug-in that has an effect similar to the various "people" include files. An example would be Paul T. Dawson's Primitive POV People patch (can be found on this website). representations of them without having to constantly re-rerender a scene would make it easier to place the figures.
Polyhedron creation Ake G Johansson I would like to see a plugin for creating different polyhedrons, like tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, icosidodecahedron.

This page has a lot of information concerning this subject.

Since there exist many different polyhedrons, it could be useful to first select a symmetry type like Tetrahedral, Octahedral, Icosahedral, Dihedral and then get a sub-menu with all polyhedrons of this symmetry.

It would be very useful if the created object is possible to use in CSG-operations.
L-Systems plugin Alex Magidow Uses the basic syntax of Lparser to generate a UDO/INC file, within Moray. Just needs an input interface and some way to make Lparser generate a UDO file(it is free source code, I am pretty sure).
Architectural support Dave Bouldne I would like to see a plugin oriented towards very quick construction of basic architectural elements for home design etc... i.e. set the shape library of models (or include file). The plugins could come with a set of suitable models & textures. My reason for requesting this plugin is that I have tried using various home designer programs & have found them quick to setup a house, but very poor for tweaking items, no possibility of creating new items of furniture and extremely poor visual quality. As a long time user of Moray/PovRay I find this very frustrating.

Along the same lines.... from Martin Marbach
I think it would be interesting to integrate plugins like "The five orders of classical architecture" (columns) and all the other good stuff.
BMRT support Steve Sloan I would like to see a plugin that either exports RIB, or renders directly to BMRT for Windows. I'm not sure how the texturing would work, but it would be nice for Moray to be able to model for that other great (basically) freeware raytracer, BMRT. I could probably figure out how to write a plugin myself, but it will probably be a while before I have the time.

Unfortunately, this applies to us, too. Any takers?
DEM import Shawn Somers How about a plugin to import DEM heightfield maps, such as those generated by VistaPro??
Blob Twyst A "Blob" plugin. The way I envision it working, is thus:
  • place your spheres and cylinders where you want them.
  • create a "Blob" group and add the components to it (same way as in a CSG group).
  • be able to go thru and adjust the strength or each component, and the sturm and threshold globally for the whole blob.
As I see it.. It would work almost exactly the same as a CSG. all you need to add to it is 4 things.
  • float value for strength for each component.
  • float for global threshold for the object.
  • sturm checkbox
  • error checking -- make sure all components are ONLY sphere or cylinder.

Steve Sloan had the following to add:
I'd like to add to Twyst's blob plugin description. I love his idea of making blobs work like ordinary CSGs, but I'd like to go farther. I want Moray to be able to do nested blob objects. I think nested blob objects can make lifelike, organic-looking characters much easier to animate in POV.
I'd like to use blobs to create animatable characters (see my Pierson's Puppeteer model here for an example.) But, that's really difficult without being able to nest those blobs into subassemblies, and without a good modeler to help. POV itself can't nest blob objects, but I think a cleverly written Moray blob plugin can.
Imagine a blob collection (call it sub2) nested inside a larger blob collection (call it sub1), and imagine that sub1 is nested inside an even larger blob collection (call it main) that is not a member of any other blob collections. I guess you could call "main" a "top-level blob collection." The POV export should look something like this:

blob {
    [miscellaneous blob parameters here]
    // sub2's spheres and cylinders
    sphere {
        [miscellaneous blob-sphere parameters here]
        [sub2 member-sphere's transformations]
        [sub2's transformations]
        [sub1's transformations]
    cylinder {
        [miscellaneous blob-cylinder parameters here]
        [sub2 member-cylinder's transformations]
        [sub2's transformations]
        [sub1's transformations]

    // One of sub1's spheres
    sphere {
        [miscellaneous blob-sphere parameters here]
        [sub1 member-sphere's transformations]
        [sub1's transformations]

    // One of main's spheres
    sphere {
        [miscellaneous blob-sphere parameters here]
        [main member-sphere's transformations]

    [main's transformations]

If you can find somebody who understood my explanation, understands how to write a Moray plugin, and has time to write it, you should have a good start toward having a nested-blob plugin...
Julia Fractal Alex Magidow A "Julia Fractal" plugin.

I don't know much about that, except that it is automatically supported by POV-Ray, and thus, all that would be needed would be a wireframe representation.

I would love to add to the Fractal idea..... how about support for madelbrot, mandel, Julia, and other types of fractals. Where c is a complex number = .3 - .735i and .735i is an imaginary number..... Please someone look into this realm of beauty.
Bezier creation David Studow Plugin to create spherical, cubic, and torus bezier patches.
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