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The Official Moray Homepage

A Wireframe Modeller for
POV-Ray 3.x

Copyright © 1991-2002 by
SoftTronics, Lutz + Kretzschmar GbR, Munich, Germany


If you would like to send us feedback, bug reports or questions concerning Moray you can reach us in the ways indicated on this page.

Our policy is to release when the beta testing is over. This means no more known bugs are in the program and the beta testers have indicated that the usability is not lacking in any area. Since this is a very interactive process, there is no way to accurately forecast the date at which the testing will be over. We'd rather not be pressured by release forecasts and be forced to either release buggy versions or acquire a reputation for vaporware. Quality is important to us.

  How To Reach Us

Email: moray@stmuc.com
Fax: +49 89 8204270
Postal mail: SoftTronics, Lutz + Kretzschmar
Fritz-Reuter-Str. 20B
81245 München
PGP Public Key: Please request per email
PGP V5.0i fingerprint: 1024 Lutz Kretzschmar <lutz@stmuc.com>
BA55 55A8 60E5 19A1 5B61 21DC E0A7 9CB2 D71C 811F

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