Moray Plugin SDK Documentation
This release of the Plugin SDK can be used by Moray V3.5 (Build 9065) and later.

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What's New

Import Interface

The Import Interface allows the plugin to easily add an menu item to the Import submenu of the Files menu and to react to the activation of this menu item to import something into the scene. Mostly this will be in conjunction with the Scene interface, so that new objects can be created.

Reference List of Functions

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The function ImportFile is called when the user selects the Import menu item associated with this interface.

    long WINAPI fnImportFile();

Return Values


should be returned if the import was successful. Moray currently ignores the return value.


The plugin is free to use any other interfaces to accomplish its import. Usually one would expect the use of the Scene interface to create objects and maybe the Object interface if a custom object needs to be supported.

Moray adds an entry to the Import popup of the Files menu with the text specified in the achImportName field of the interface and calls this function when that menu item is selected. Note that the menu items cannot be disabled or checked.